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To the Young Men

If you are in love, you should now, that your girl will have a baby with an older man after 50 years of his age, in turn you get the offer of having sex with the young lady. Another thing is that your young lady had an egg in her belly of yet another woman. When you grow up and you are 50 you can await your young lady, but beware, the egg will not be her either, though the sperm will be yours... 

The reason I am writing about it is that, when I was a small toddler I had to smoke a penis of my step father and eat his sperm. 

The reason why I am writing about that is that in the US, when you are in love, you are fucked by some man to your ass when the older man is fucking in order to get a baby with your woman partner or spouse. This is probably the reason why Kurt Cobain died.